• Sabine Kermani

Simone De Beauvoir on Romantic Love

Updated: Oct 27, 2020

Love provides an intoxicating sense of adventure; ”Love breaks the day” (Beauvoir, 1949: 260). For women, “Love becomes her a religion” (ibid: 675). She looks to her beloved to transform her from nothingness to “fullness of being, and being is transmuted into worth; she no longer sinks in a sea of shadows, but is borne up on wings, exalted to the skies” (ibid: 681). Beauvoir (1949) notes that, “Many women do abandon themselves to love unless they are loved in return” (ibid: 678). Men, in comparison “wish [only] to integrate her into their existence and not to squander it entirely on her” (ibid: 674).

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